Independent and affordable therapy

Person Centred

As a Person Centred counsellor I work with any issues that someone brings to their session.  These may be multiple issues, maybe from childhood or teenage years, or what is happening now, things which are affecting day to day life.

I am Person Centred as it makes the most sense to me and why I trained in this approach.  The Person Centred approach works well for adults and young people, particularly teenagers, as they are in control of the process at a time when life can feel challenging, with so many changes happening and choices to be made.

Why Person Centred Counselling? 

        • You are supported to work in your way, in your own time.
        • It is a non-directive, empathic approach that empowers and motivates people in their own therapeutic process.
        • The client takes the lead on where to go and you both go on the journey to get there

What Person Centred Counselling isn’t

      • It is not about being asked loads of questions about your family history
        • your story evolves over time as trust is built in the sessions.
      • It is not about giving advice or being told what to do
        • but rather noticing and wondering what is going on
        • picking up on patterns or repeated behaviour
        • being curious together and understanding more about how and why things may happen
      • It is not about the counsellor telling the client what is wrong and coming up with a solution
        • It is about working through issues in a collaborative way – the client is the expert by experience, the counsellor is along for the journey

You don’t have to be depressed or anxious to go for counselling

  • there may be issues that you want to manage better.
  • you may have a family event coming up and stress levels are growing.
  • there may be things you know you need to deal with from the past that you have never told anyone.

I work from a lovely, discreet room in Hebden Bridge.   A 10 minute walk from the train station with parking on site.